Monday, September 18, 2006

The Worst Sports Weekend Available this is my very first blog. I just wanted to throw out a quick comment before I started work this morning that I don't think I could have had a worse weekend in sports. Firstly, my rugby team, the Saratoga Stampede was defeated by Albany Law 19-3. The way we played, it should have been about 30-3, but we held it witin reasonable reach until a score on the last play of the game. The bad part is that we tied this team in our second game in team history this spring and recenetly beat them in a tournament. We just played awful rugby, myself included. We get to Smitty's afterward and when I walk by the T.V, I see that Notre Dame is getting TROUNCED by Michighan. I was also hoping my New York Mets would clinch the NL East Title on Friday with Pedro on the mound. When that didn't happen (I should have seen the writing on the wall), they go and get swept by the Pittsburgh "Freaking" Pirates! To top it all off, my Washington Redskins played Dallas in a Sunday Night Football game and the "Billion Dollar Offense" scores 3 points. They lose 27-10. I didn't even stay up after Brunell's interception at the Dallas 1 yard line. I just wanted to get the weekend behind me.

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