Monday, October 16, 2006

Miami vs. FIU Brawl is Something to Care About

I am appalled. 31 players get into a bench clearing brawl, with helmets, crutches, and cleated feet serving as weapons of intended injury. It gets so bad, a former Miami player turned commentator says that he wants to take the elevator on to the field to help Miami dole out stompings and that FIU had it coming because they talked trash in "The OB" (Orange Bowl for those non-Miami hooders). He suggested that they take it into the tunnels and parking lot after the game.

Players STOMPING opponents while they are on the ground. Players swinging helmets as make shift maces, aiming for other player's heads. And the penalty? A one game suspension.

Sorry gang, but that is exactly the complimentary action that goes with school shootings that we have been seeing. No one take responsibility for their actions and why should they? What message do we send with this joke of a suspension? Why be accountable? It was a "oops, that was out of my character" incident and all is forgiven. Are you kidding me? Kick a player when he is down and I can see a momentary lack of reason, but to REPEATEDLY stomp on someone who is laying on the ground is, as Mike Golic of ESPN put it, cowardly. It take a big man, a big person, to stomp on someone on the ground.

We have applauded the destructive mentality for so long that excuse mongers are just shaking their heads and apologists are spinning the wheels. These guys should be suspended for the season and have to sit and watch their respective university's football season go right down the tubes. And as for apologies, I bet a lot of people are sorry for murder or assault after they do it, but do they get a light sentencing with statements like, "You know, I lost my sense of reason and shot him seven times. I feel really bad. Sorry." C'mon, Mr. Judge. He is a nice enough guy. Let him off on a stiff warning not to do it again.

I am a Redskins fan and programs like Miami produce players like Sean "Spittin" Taylor. He was a disgrace last year in the playoffs spitting in another players face. I don't care how hard he hits. He pulled a gun on someone during the off season. As much as my team needs his play, I have an idea...send his keester to jail. See if that makes a statement to those like Taylor, Mo Clarett and Kellen "I'm a Soldier" Winslow Jr.

If the purpose of a university is to teach, and even if it is to teach guys how to play football and get a career in the NFL, teach them first how to be men. Set the example for the rest of the the country. Suspend these guys for the rest of the season. Dick Vitale recommends that some of them get suspended for the rest of their eligibility. I don't think that is all that over the top. Sorry. I don't know where you missed the memo. Bench clearing brawls always result in penalty and its revolting that the ones dolled out here were so soft soaped.

Hey Donna Shalala (UM President)...although it would upset the about we do what is right instead of what is profitable. For once? FIU...same deal applies.

And here is an idea that would make jaws drop. In the wake of this laughable about the players step up and take some personal responsibility. I know this will be laughed at, but admit that you did wrong and take a suspension on your own shoulders. The character that this statement would make would not only transcend this incident, it even reinstate a little bit of integrity to a sports climate that has resorted to a disgusting sort of barbarism the likes of which are reminiscent to the falling days of ancient Rome.

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