Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's Grading Time...

Please be sure to pick them up so we are both sure that I have received everything that you think I should have (i.e. your name was not on something and now you have a zero).

As of 6/19 @ 10:00 A.M

Writers' Workshop
  • Final Portfolios Are Done
  • Film Critiques are done.
  • Mock College Essays are done.
English 9 - Yellow and Blue -
  • Movie Posters are done.
  • Essays of Definition (Yellow Only) are done.
  • Response Journals are done.
  • Final Exams are done
    • Out of 52 9th Graders, only two had a perfect score on Multiple Choice and you will never guess who the two were.
Forms of Lit - Green and Red
  • Final Exams are done.
  • Propaganda Assignments are done for both classes
  • Poetry Packs are done for both classes.

You may stop in to pick up work whenever. Please be advised that I may be in either a computer lab or the English Resource Center if I am not "all up in the one-one-seven". I will begin finals as soon as I am done with course work. Keep checking back for updates as to my progress!

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