Saturday, February 09, 2008

PEACE Exchange Assignment

Sorry that it took so long to post. I had some technical difficulties this morning. Apparently, the school's server is down for update and repair. In any event, here is the link for the assignment and a little note on blogging at the bottom:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Tim Kelliher said...

It is interesting to read your comments to the bloggers combined with your comments on the difference between your China trip and Germany. The ubiquitous availibility of internet, and cellphone, connection has changed the world we live in. While there remains a time difference between locales, which causes a seperation, there is not nearly as much of a communication seperation. As you have noted this changes the nature of travel and of being away.

I don't think that the immediacy of blogging is not something that we as a school are currently well-equipped to deal with. Yet, it is a fact of life. I enjoy the bloggs becauses it has been rare in the past to get this quality of genuine feeling from students. Yes, there are rough spots when we get this. There are certainly typos, misspellings, and some things that on reflection might have been better off said in private.
Learning to edit ones self takes on a new dimension in the bloggosphere. The question these blogs raise for me is, how does BHBL respond to the challenge to both learn what is and is not acceptable, since this varies depending on the context, and then teach the same. I would not like to see us shut down the freedom of expression that has provided the view into the student's world, yet we do want to protect students against their own ill-informed blogging decisions while they are learnign the impacts it can have.

(Note that during the typing of this comment I have gone to google (my spell-checker of choice (are you allowed to have nested parenthetical comments in blog-land)) at least three times to check on the spelling of words and yet there may still be problems in the above for which I will pass blame on to finger to keyboard interface.)