Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Boxed and Bruised

What a weekend! On Saturday, The Saratoga Rugby Club took on Vermont Law after a three hour drive , to do battle on a lush green pitch set behind the palatial log cabins of South Royalton, VT. Coming of an embarrassing loss to Albany Law last weekend, we were looking for personal redemption against a team that crushed ALaw by a score of 36-3 the last time they met. Saratoga was fired up right out of the gate and there was some fierce hitting and hard running right from the opening kickoff. While I defensive breakdown allowed VLaw a score, Saratoga quickly answered back with a score of their own and converted the kick to take a 7-5 lead. Despite pounding tackles, quick misdirection passes, and hard fought set and loose play, the score remained there for the next 60 minutes. Saratoga did not help itself by committing close to a dozen penalties in the opening ten minutes of the second half, but spirited defense held VLaw in check and did not let them convert any points from the overage of penalty opportunities they were presented with in Saratoga's half of the pitch. With ten minutes to go, Saratoga's defense lapped and allowed a fast break down the sideline, giving VLaw a 12-7 advantage. While Saratoga managed to strip the ball on the next kickoff (in rugby the team that scores receives the kickoff, as compared to vice versa in football) and then steal several line-outs from VLaw to stay in their end of the field for the final ten minutes, that is where the score remained. Saratoga threatened often, getting as close as the three on several occasions, but could not find a hole to punch the ball through. Of note in the loss was Vern Peek scoring his first Stampede try. While I was voted "Man of the Match" by VLaw, and for the second time this season, I would have preferred that the team won the game and that someone else be given the honor because everyone played VERY hard. It was the emotional and motivated effort that escaped us versus ALaw, an effort which, despite being a young club, Saratoga has become known for. The good news is that we get Owen Maranville and Jason Hueber back this week, which should be a real boost for the loose forwards. The bad news is that we have lost Biggie Stranburg and T-Rex McClain for the next two weeks.

On Sunday, it was moving day. Allow me to recommend the following: Never move the day after a particularly fierce hitting rugby match. I was sore from head to toe and moving heavy furniture, albeit with a bunch of my friends and a half dozen guys from the rugby club who were just as sore, is never a fun time. That being said, we moved almost everything my wife and I owned inside about two hours. Unfortunately, my home computer is still in a box, but now that Parent's Night at BH-BL has been completed (last night), I can start the unpacking process.

Finally, I had the consultation for the results of the MRI on my knee. The good news is that there is no visible tear of the menisci. The bad news is that a second doctor has little to offer as to what is wrong with it. He also stated that I can rest, which probably won't help, do physical therapy, which will improve the chances of healing over just resting only slightly, or get a cortisone shot in my kneecap. Well, doesn't that sound fun? No thanks. Looks like more rugby and more hobbling around like I am 75 until I find a specialist.

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