Friday, September 22, 2006

Service Transition = Down Time

Looks like Modyland is going to exist in a relative vacuum for the next few days. I am having service transferred from my apartment to my house and I anticipate losing connectivity through the weekend. Hopefully I will be back up and running by Monday morning, but after some of the house fiascoes I have seen in the past two nights, I am not holding my breath.

The Sometimes Daily ModyBlog (SDMB) will still be up and functioning, as will and, and my personal and professional e-mail addresses, but don't expect updates or responses until Monday. If you want to know how the rugby team fairs against Vermont Law tomorrow, you may be forced to contact your local media and complain about lack of local coverage for the Saratoga Stampede Rugby Club.

One final note, there was an article in the Saratoga Today about the first two club matches. Its on page 38. The ST is a FREE weekly paper that comes out on Friday and can be found in places like Hess, Stewarts, and Ballston Spa's popular Coffee Planet.

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