Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buying a House - And Other Renovation Related Mischief

So I bought a house, yesterday. It was crazy. I cannot believe the amount of paper that is involved in the process. I just signed and initial papers for about 45 minutes. My wife sat next to our lawyer, who explained everything to her, while I sat in a semi-comfortable, wine colored roller chair, my hands folded on top of the large board room style mahogany meeting table. The funny part was that the pens in the room where the black plastic Bic pen that you can get at Staples for like $.99 for a 100 count. Seemed out of place.

In any event, the remodeling saga has begun. We started as soon as we got there. The worst part...and get ready for gross...standing in the master bedroom I noticed a lightly pungent odor emanating from the floor. The carpet was a non-inspiring teal blueish, so we decided that it was going, anyway. As I pulled up one of the corners, I noticed that the back of it had all sorts of stains on it. The padding underneath looked wet, and upon closer inspection it was. The smell went off the charts. Unfortunately, the smell happened to be vintage dog urine. When I pulled up the carpet, there was another carpet. It was wet, too. So was the pad under that. It smelled so bad that even with the door shut and a dual blade fan blowing at fuller power out of the window, you could smell it in the hallway...even after all the carpet was dragged outside.

Beyond that, the painting went fairly well. Its going to be a real hustle to get it ready for furniture. The dogs were going crazy trying to figure out where to be and had a really hard time understanding the concept of the doggie door. Sampson repeatedly wiped out of the hardwood floors. I tried to mow the lawn with the newly inherited lawn mower (it came with the house) but found that it was absolutely DRY. What a trip! I hope I can keep my sense of humor the whole way through the renovation process.

Tonight we have another training session for the Stampede. We are gearing up for a very important match Saturday. Coach O'Dalaigh is looking for a display of intensity. I really hope we break from the practice mold and we have contact drills. I have a few people that I will not mind tattooing. Hopefully they show up!

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