Wednesday, March 07, 2007

School Violence is Still a Problem

I decided that I am going to start posting links to school violence related incidents that I see, here, so it can hopefully keep people aware of how often it occurs and that safe schools, while important, seem to be impossible as presently configured. The latest:

Student shoots, kills self in high school band hall, police say

GREENVILLE, Texas — A Greenville High School student died Wednesday after apparently shooting himself in front of fellow students in the school band hall, police said.

According to a story in the online edition of the Greenville Herald-Banner, witnesses said the student entered the hall about 7:20 a.m. Wednesday and shot himself in front of several students.

Police officials have referred all requests for comment to the Greenville Independent School District. District spokesman Brad Press told the Herald-Banner that the school was in lockdown while the investigation continues. A call from The Associated Press wasn't immediately returned.

No other details nor the student's identity were available Wednesday.

Greenville is a city of about 26,000 residents about 45 miles northeast of Dallas. Greenville High School has an enrollment of about 5,200 students.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Mody,

How's BH-BL treating you? I hope everything is going well. I'm still at school but I'm graduating in December and can't wait. As for the topic of this blog...unfortunately that wasn't the only school shooting today. There was another in Michigan. I really hope that some innovative person can eventually come up with a way to stop all this, although I personally think that this stuff is strangely glorified by the media. I wonder if people ever think that it's not the Grand Theft Auto and Marilyn Manson that are making kids violent, but that it might be that they're getting ideas from watching the news.

Kristen Hamilton

jake said...

School violence has always been an issue but two things in my opinion have escalated it. One, is the need to show someone else up. Years ago kids got in fights at school but it usually involved two kids duking it out after school. As time progressed these fights became group brawls, or would include weapons like knives and bats. The next step was guns and then it wasn't enough to just attack the person you were mad at but rather that person and everyone like them. Second is our good friend dissemination of information - an incrediable blessing and in some ways a curse. 50 years ago your local paper would most likely would not have included a story about a brawl or killing in Michigan, but as media consolidation killed the local paper/tv station the country began to share the same news cycle so we now see the most sensational news from around the country. Things like YouTube have only helped increase that by giving a global market place to the most shocking. Remeber 20 years ago office jokes were photocopied and passed out at work, now they are emailed to millions in minutes. Same thing happens when you see a story like this one.

In the spirit of not all kids are bad and the good ones need publicity:

Okla. teen wins $100,000 science prize :

OKLAHOMA CITY - A 17-year-old girl won a scholarship worth $100,000 for building an inexpensive yet accurate spectrograph that identifies the "fingerprints" of different molecules.

Mary Masterman, a senior at Westmoore High School in Oklahoma City, was named the winner Tuesday of the annual Intel Science Talent Search. . . . .