Friday, March 09, 2007

Youth Rugby Arrives

Finally, my dream of high school rugby in the Capital District, which began with the creation of the Ballston Spa High School Rugby Club in the Fall of 2000, has taken a major step forward with the help of Alex Eves of the Saratoga Stampede and Rob Selinski of the Albnay Knicks.

Starting this spring, there will be four teams for boys and two for girls who wish to compete in FULL CONTACT rugby. While many of the details are still in the works, it is slated to run from April to June, with teams being made up of high school aged students (U-19) from each of the four major counties for the boys and a North/South team for the girls.

For more information, please visit The Capital District Youth Rugby website and keep an eye out in your school for informational meeting times and dates. I will post them here when I get more information. For right now, the Saratoga County team will be coached/organized by Alex Eves and myself, with the potential for more staff to be brought in as this materializes.

To be eligible, you need to be of high school age and be a resident of the four counties in the Capital District.

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