Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paid to Blog?

Crazy enough, ladies and gents, I have landed a professional blogging gig (kinda).

The engineering firm that I am working for this summer (something like Google for engineers) is asking me to write a technology for education blog. I am one of a few contributors, but it looks like I will be the most regular one (in a lot of ways) for the next few months.

Randomly enough, I am working with a former student from my BSpa days, Nik Gatzendorfer. He is writing for the company's online newsletter, making his former English 9, English 10, and Global History 9 teacher proud.

Anyway, the address for the blog if you would like to check it out and/or comment on some of the topics and what you think of them (like which is more popular with teens, e-mail or text messaging) is:

The whole site has some cool stuff from Iran using photoshop to make it look like their missile program is more successful than it is to how to change the oil in your car to which GPS to buy or how the new service of having your mutt's DNA tested to see what breeds it is works.

The site is called CR4.

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