Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh The Power! A Blog You Can Even Find on Google

After a good showing for my first few blog entries for their education forum, GlobalSpec has decided to give me my own blog on their CR4 site (which deals with all sorts of technology, science, math, and engineering topics - automotive to zoology).

The name of the blog is The Whiteboard Jungle if anyone wants to check it out. Please feel free to leave comments. People from all over the world have been commenting and engaging in discussion. It would be nice to have some parents and students weigh in. Particularly the students, as it focuses on you often and your voice is not often heard!

And there are some controversial topics coming up in the next few weeks. I am expecting a raging discussion in particular during the week of 8/24.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Mr. Mody, You prolly don't remember me haha but this is Steven Ulrich. I was in your class three years ago, your last year at B-Spa I believe... Just remembered your site and wanted to drop a line! HAHA i'm in college believe it or not! (As I recall Jeff and I would make fun of class more then participate... hmm... yea... anyway) Friend of mine just mentioned McBeth and it reminded me of your class! HAHA take it easy i'ma post on ur blog if thats ok!