Sunday, January 04, 2009

Temporary Asylum for

It appears that the world wide web is conspiring against me. In early December, NERIC, the server on which Burnt Hills hosts its public domain, crashed, leaving anything I hosted at the high school marooned from students.

On December 13th, Road Runner migrated all web pages to a new server and subsequently crashed as well. Now, only old files remain that I cannot change and new uploads (like the main page at that I tried to update show up as blank.

After many e-mails and two rather consternating tech support people at Time Warner later, I am left without a web page I can host reliably at either place. Time Warner's clearest response is "I don't know when we can fix it."Until that point in time, I will try to host certain necessary files here. Unfortunately, the ones that are currently hosted on Time Warner's server were updated on 11/02/08 and if I try to update them, they turn blank.

So here are some links in deplorably plain fashion, but it is the best solution I currently have on the short term. I will try to move everything to the NERIC system as soon as I can as it seems to be up and running for the time being. Please e-mail me directly if you need something specific from my site.

Links like The Coffee House and the Parents' Lounge will have to take a back seat until I get more pressing issues resolved.

University in the High School Mythology
American Experience
American Literature
Writers' Workshop

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