Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Morphine Hangover and "The Tararizor"

Well, it has been forty-eight hours in Saratoga Hospital. The night was a breeze with my nurse slipping me the morphine/tordol combo every three hours. I didn't sleep super well, waking up a lot, but I did sleep which was great.

In the morning, after like five hours without any pain meds, the friend of one of my rugby team mates (Owen "The Animal" Maranville) came to do PT. I had a similar reaction. Just crutching down the hall to his room, going up and down a step five times, and coming back had me light headed and nauseous. He set me up in a recliner, which I tolerated for about 25 minutes before crawling into bed. During that time, I gave myself my first abdominal shot. Didn't hurt at all.

I awoke to one of the scariest sights a teacher can have: a former student standing over you with a needle. Especially when it is a student whose first name, Tara, was turned into Tararizor because she scared classmates and underclassmen alike.

The good news is that she is better at drawing blood than remembering the details of the dynastic cycle of Ancient China.

After that it was time for a chest x-ray (the reason for which I never learned - someone just showed up and said, "Mr. Mody, I am here to take you to your x-ray.".

Beyond general nausea keeping me from eating much and light headedness that seems to be getting better by the hour, so far, so good. Hopefully I can go home this afternoon.
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