Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two Weeks to Go

I have been out of the splint and into my cast for a week. The good news is three weeks in a cast now and not six (the doc said because I behaved and stayed off of it) so I have two weeks to go.

After that, it is a month in an orthopedic boot. In other good news (trying to stay positive), I have finished the daily abdominal shots and have moved on to Aspirin which is much easier to handle.

I also managed to get my first workout in this week, with a 7000 meter row on the rowing machine (holding my left leg in the air).

I don't really take pain meds (at least in the past week), just some Ibproufen to reduce swelling which has been insane.

I have been back at work for two weeks at GlobalSpec, Inc. And have begun writing articles for CR4 again. I have an "I'm Baaaack" article going off next week and then a three part series starting on 7/20 about the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It was a really fun series to write and I learned a ton about the Saturn V rocket (like what is meant when it says it had 34 Meganewtons of thrust in just Stage 1 of the rocket).

It is just good to be writing for a company again, even if I do have to mix it in with writing product announcements and company profiles and doing web development as well.
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Woody said...

Well.... your supposed to avoid injuries as best as possible. Seems like to me your just in it for the babes. (kidding) I suppose your just opening yourself up to being accident prone.

Both fortuneately and unfortuneately you never get hurt in my ambulance district. You manage to stay out of my 55 sq. miles.

I have already responded to four class of 2009 student's houses for emergencies for them or a person at their house already this summer so far.

I got a job working for Six flags both at the Great Escape and the Great Escape Lodge Hotel Water Park. Wednesday i am going to go pickup my "buddy pass" which enables me to bring 1 guest into any Six Flags park in a day for free. Your welcome to utilize that if you would like.

Also... Heroes week is coming up soon which enables Teachers, Fire & EMS Workers as well as nurses and law enforcement free admission to the park. The info can be found here

Well hopefully you stay out of trouble for awhile and perhaps have some time to heal. Hey maybe you can get a payraise finally now that Canavan isn't depleting the school of finacnces :P

Talk to you later

Pete Mody said...

All of this was good info to know!